The Ascension


The three sat in the musky bar sipping their ale and telling their tales. It had been some time since they had arrived in the foul city of Ravenreach, and for some reason it seemed that the Brothers of the Bloody Blade had taken all viable jobs.
Slamming his tankard down on the table Ednork cried out, “We’ve been here for a week and haven’t found a bloody job yet! Are you sure it wouldn’t be better to travel down to Bloodmoon, I could use meself a perky little whore right about now!” Ednrok was a behemoth of a man, all muscle and sinew, thick of chest and broad of shoulders, he pranced about with a greataxe slung about his shoulder and his dark leather armor strapped tight.
“It cost us quite a bit to get ’ere, an to stay a week, I say we remain an make sure we make ourselves a profit, me father always said that to always make a profit is to neva go poor.” Answered Ezrael, a sneaky little fellow, short and reedy with dirty blonde hair, he could stand amidst a room of people and go unnoticed. His small dagger tucked away inside his boot he was always ready to slip it out and sink it in. Rivaled only by his desire, no, need for money.
“Yes, I have the feeling that something might come up shortly.” answered E.J., the self-proclaimed group leader, a man of nature

Chapter One

Chapter one copy


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